Wednesday, 18 August 2010


So, I'm in London, Ontario, visiting some family, and seeing a show in Stratford tomorrow night. (The Tempest! With Christopher! Plummer! Yeeeeeeah).

I am feeling totally freaked and overwhelmed by how quickly my summer is wrapping up. I leave for the Maritimes one week from tomorrow. ONE WEEK. Do you know how many things I have to squeeze in? I barely even realize. I try not to think about it, lest I begin hyperventilating.

The worst part is there are so many people that I want to spend time with, lots of time, more time than I have. And I have to pack. And packing makes me want to freak out, which comes out as punching friends and family in the face (emotionally). I am the worst.

Somewhere on the other side, circa September 2 evening, when I am moved in and there and with my Halifax friends, everything will be OK, and I will breathe deeply. Until then, my eye has started to twitch.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

I'd like to join her

Following an altercation with a disapproving woman, a British tourist in the United Arab Emirates (which does have "modesty" *ahemoppressionofwomenahem* laws) stripped down to her bikini at a mall and wandered around. She was briefly detained, had a complaint lodged against her, and left.

Every time I hear about restrictive laws in countries like UAE and Saudi Arabia, it makes me want to buy a plane ticket, head to a main street, strip naked and run down the street screaming "You can't make me, you misogynistic turds!"

When I tell people this, they remind me I could be stoned. So could the women there, I remind them, and for less.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Licensed to Drive

the drive, originally uploaded by .faramarz.

After some delay and consternation (so, I got lost on my way to my original G2 test and missed it and had to reschedule for a month later... it happens), I went this morning at the crack of 8:20 for my test. And I passed! With flying colours, I might add. She only ticked one box on my whole test. You can round that up to 100%, right? Excellent.

I'm looking forward to putting my license to good use when I hit the road with Phil later this month!