Thursday, 24 February 2011

Student Movement

2000 Students march down Spring Garden Road in a Day of Action, Feb 2

Out here in Nova Scotia, the government is looking to raise tuition some more.

The 3-year MOU has run out with the province, and the government announced to students that tuition would rise 3% and universities would receive a 4% spending cut. There has been no official consultation with student groups yet.

On February 2, in a snow storm, 2000 students came out in a Day of Action and marched through the downtown to show the province how we feel about that.

It's too bad the day was ignored in a lot of media, though it was a major demonstration that tied up traffic downtown.

While I don't really love the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS), I loved the event. There's something to be said for being a part of a literal movement, something beyond a Facebook group and an e-petition. It was well-planned, well-attended, and there was a dance party to boot.

Here's some coverage from The Watch, the King's newspaper, from the Dalhousie Gazette as well as from a blogger who has similar issues as I do with the CFS.


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