Sunday, 6 January 2008

Call me up before you're dead/ We can make some plans instead

I like to think that I am a good friend. You know, that friend you can call anytime, day or night, the one who you can be completely open with. That kind of thing. This is one of the things I like to think about myself, along with other things, but I never really knew if anyone else thought it about me. Maybe people secretly avoid me! I have no idea.

But I'm glad that vibe of friend that I've been sending out into the universe has actually been picked up by one of my friends. Last night, Davis called me up from a 24 hour pharmacy:

Davis: Hi! I hate myself, I'm freaking out, and I need to dye my hair!
Evey: Um... ok. Come on over.

Now, that was a bit of a paraphrase on my part, but you get the idea. The result was a night of (yet more) procrastination on my summatives, listening to the Juno sountrack in my bathroom, and dyeing hair. I had never dyed anyone's hair before in my life. But I grabbed those gloves and that icky smelling hair dye and went to work. I think it turned out ok, but you'd have to ask Davis. Once all the blond was gone and we were done our cremes brules with strawberry, I sent a much saner Davis on her way home.

So, if you ever need an emergency hair dyeing and bitching session, you now know who to call.

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