Saturday, 22 March 2008


Me (to Davis): I feel like we should make out now.
Bora's Robo voice: yes... yes... doooo iiiit.

Basically, tonight is the night. THE night. The night of the Canadian Improv Games Regional finals: Ottawa tournament. And I'm performing.

Tuesday night was our night for prelims, and we were psyched. Now, I don't want to sound cocky here, but we kind of knew we were going to finals. I mean, we're superstitious drama kids, so we knock on wood constantly (ow, my knuckles) but really, we are a pretty good team, and we kind of know it, insecurities aside. I never got that nervous feeling with you're so freaked, you're excited, you want it so badly and waves of nausea keep washing over you. Today is a different story.

We did pretty well on Tuesday. So well, in fact, that we were tied for first all week, even over the national champ team. But who's really keeping track, right?

So today is the big night. If we place top 3 today, we are going to Nationals. Now, all it means is we move from performing at the NAC studio to the NAC theatre, we don't travel or anything, but it's NATIONALS. I have never felt this competitive in my entire life. I want this. We want this. Mostly, I want to go out on stage and feel that feeling that only comes from doing amazing improv. Tuesday we did OK; I know we can do a million times better. We're so close, I can feel it.

In other life news... I have none. Well, not true, many things are going down, many semi-huge things, but I can't handle all that right now. There's so much stress, I can't do it. So I'm living in improv land for now, because I know I can handle spending the better part of this weekend with my team and my coaches, I know I can handle putting my heart on the table and sharing with with my improv family, I know I can handle pouring out my soul onto the NAC stage to make the biggest and best scenes we can. I can handle that. The other things will hit me later.

If you want to come, tickets might still be available from the NAC box office, but often this show sells out fast. Maybe you'll be able to come see us at Nationals *knocks on wood* .


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