Saturday, 26 April 2008

Been out wandering the neighbourhood

Here is the playlist of my life right now, which I have called "Summer 1". It is awesome.

Independance Day -- Elliot Smith
Tomorrow Tomorrow -- Elliot Smith
Bottle Up and Explode! -- Elliot Smith
St Ide's Heaven -- Elliot Smith
Symphonic -- Emm Gryner
Stereochrome -- Emm Gryner
This Is the Dream of Win and Regine -- Final Fantasy
Naked As We Came -- Iron & Wine
Succexy -- Metric
Holland 1945 -- Neutral Milk Hotel
Two-Headed Boy -- Neutral Milk Hotel
Aeroplane Over the Sea -- Neutral Milk Hotel
Letter from an Occupant -- New Pornographers
Body Says No -- New Pornographers
The Magic Position -- Patrick Wolf
Bluebells -- Patrick Wolf
Put the Book Back on the Shelf -- Belle & Sebastian
String Bean Jean -- Belle & Sebastian

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