Monday, 28 April 2008

Feeling like a sell-out

Senioritis has fully set in. The air gets warm and that grassy area by the canal starts to look a lot more inviting than your third period bio class. Acceptance letters go out, and there's no reason to work that hard anymore. And then, in my case, everyone comes home from university and it becomes prime friend hang-out time, in the free space between finishing school and getting a summer job. Which is... now.

So school has been a little low on my priority list, which is why the King Lear test I wrote today went really really badly. It's one of those tests I will always remember for being bad, right up there with the chem exam I left mostly blank last year. I ended up guessing a lot, hoping a lot, and picking the sell-out-y long answer question response. I felt like I was selling my soul. Lit is one of the classes where you want to come up with something really good, just to be impressive. I made up for it by joking about selling out with Mr Hodgson while writing his test.

There are worse ways to spend a rainy afternoon than hanging out in the English office. And there are worse things in life than bombing a test on King Lear. All this adds up to me in a surprisingly good mood, considering what happened over the course of the day. Hmm... there may be other contributing factors. I will listen to my warm and fuzzy music and doze off while considering this.

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