Thursday, 19 June 2008

Here I am in Montreal. And it's raining. Something it has apparently been threatening to do but never did all those days we got drenched in Ottawa. Then I show up and bring the rain. Love you too, Montreal!

I actually got here on Tuesday night. The bus ride was a complete nightmare of screaming children - I had my music turned almost all the way up and even then I could catch the higher shrieks. The bus was full of a "get us outta here" vibe. Luckily, I get off at the first stop.

Tuesday night is not really a big going out night, but it's summer and we're young so Cute Writer and I headed downtown to meet up with one of his old friends. I liked him immediately. I think it was the awesome yellow shoes ("These are worth more than your life!"). He works at a Starbucks, so we went there to get free drinks and pick up his coworker who was coming with us.

By this point, it was about 11 at night. I was rather impressed with my homebody self for continuing to be so awake and ready to go. We headed for the Plateau to go for sheesha. When we showed up, we had managed to get a table ("Short Round! Your tables are STOOLS!") and we were about to order when the whole block's power went out. We didn't get to order for 40 more minutes when the power came back on and the people who worked there stopped having a million problems to fix. We made up for it by staying until closing.

It's strange walking around downtown somewhere in the middle of the night on a weeknight. It's all deserted and glowy and kind of depressing. All this potential for energy and excitement, but no one is there to see it. We walked a long way (and I in new shoes) and finally got to the night bus that took us home. We stumbled in the door at 4:30 as the sun was just starting to think about rising.

That is the story of Homebody's night out with the Cute Writer. I spent most of the next day sleeping and then watching Indiana Jones movies. Last Crusade is my favourite.


ironic_nonsense said...

My little, growing up so fast :)

Behind Glasses said...

Actually, you spell it "Shisha," my GC.

La Canadienne said...

It was spelled Sheesha outside the place we went.

Behind Glasses said...

Oh. I remember it being with an I. I guess I'm silly then, for remembering things that aren't the case.