Sunday, 15 June 2008

Scenes from Westfest

I headed to Westfest again today to see Andrea play. As was expected, she was fabulous, although I love her music so much I don't think I could have thought it was anything else. As always, Ottawa is the tiniest city ever and I ran into many people I knew.

This little guy was the other star of the afternoon, gaining many fans. He was totally pooped, and hid in some shade for a rest.

Right after Andrea's set, the heavens opened and it POURED rain. My umbrella had its LAST use, as it started raining inside my umbrella because there were holes in it. Note to self, do not leave umbrella under a car seat for seven years then think you can use it. Here are a bunch of us hiding under the CBC tent. We didn't have much luck staying dry.


Andrea... said...

Hahaha.... That last picture is GOLD!

Ming Wu Photography said...

She was great before the rain happened.

A. & J. said...

aw.. i'm still so upset that I missed it this year. I hope Andrea plays again next year at Westfest :)

XUP said...

Great photo of Morty. And, it was nice to meet you (ever so briefly) yesterday. You look nothing like your jar.

La Canadienne said...

Andrea: You and your puppy are very cute.

MWP: It was too bad that other bands got rained out.

A & J: I hope so too!

XUP: It was nice to meet you too. I came out of my jar for the afternoon.