Monday, 18 August 2008

quote, "EW"

Oh my god, Oh my god, I just pulled a huge hair out of my eye. GROSS. I spent all feeling like there was something on my eye and there was. A huge hair. I just measured it, it was 5 cm long. And now my eye is all bloodshot and sore from sticking my finger in it repeatedly.

Giving my moral support about my eye was a close friend Kirsten. Due to shitty family circumstances and close proximity, Kirsten became the third daughter of our family. She's been following her own path which has led her a little further from us than before. She put dreads in her hair and moved out with some friends last year. Now she's gone to live in Montreal and go to design school and I said goodbye to her today. In all likelihood, I won't see her until next summer, and I'll miss her, even though she drives me insane. Who else will come into my work yelling "Evey! I NEED pants!"

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omg, it's like the PEA!