Monday, 22 September 2008

The L Word Theme Song Is Stuck In My Head.

I love lecture. Every morning I wake up, down some food and caffeine at breakfast, and head to the FYP lecture hall with every other person in my programme. It feels so good, sitting all together in this room, some of us listening, some having done the reading, all of us super tired, trying all together to hold the thread of the lecture. Sometimes we're good, sometimes... not so much.

Today in lecture Davis and I got bored. I somehow managed to keep decent notes, but my mind was wandering... it happens. So I looked over at Davis and she wasn't really taking notes, so we played the BEST lecture game: Pick Out The Hot People In The Room. I spend way too much time staring. Today was an especially fruitful day; many people were looking particularly smokin'. Plato: 0, FYP hotties: like, 50.


ironic_nonsense said...

Um, how about just one?
Tie-dye? Maybe not so hot.
Tie-dye and curls and facial hair?
So much more.

La Canadienne said...

Do NOT insult the tie-dye man. I love tie-dye.
Now I want to tie-dye something!