Sunday, 5 October 2008

Classical Greek Theatre and Propeller Beer

Classics in the Quad is a treasured King's tradition. Every year, the KTS chooses a Greek tragedy and it's performed outside on the library steps. When the library was built, it was designed to support these shows.

A big crowd of King's students and friends assembled late yesterday afternoon and laid out blankets cozying up together. The weather is starting to turn here and the warmth has gone out of the air, so everyone broke out the toques and mitts and woolen socks.

Everyone in the play did a great job. They've been cramming in the practices late at night to get everything ready, and the end result was great, and much enjoyed by all. We enjoyed passing judgement on the boys in their togas.

I was so excited for the whole day. Not only was Classics in the Quad day, but it was also the rugby home opener, and a big group of us decided to go over to the field with our "fun flasks"* and cheer on the boys. We beat Holland College by like 50 points, and it was the biggest turnout for a King's rugby game in ages.
Don't we look festive?

*There's this Gilmore Girls episode where the whole family goes to the Yale Harvard football game, and there's all these traditions and cheering and warm hats and mitts and the "fun flask". It's one of the best episodes.

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xup said...

Ah, good clean fun – fresh air, sports, comradeship and beer. Enjoy!