Saturday, 11 October 2008

A shitty interlude

This was supposed to be a post about how nice/weird/comfy is it to be home, and I was planning on writing it today around this time, after I'd finished doing my streeter interviews for journalism.

Instead, I'm going to write an open letter to the pedestrians on Bank.

Hi friendly Saturday pedestrians,

Wasn't it a beautiful day today? It was so nice to stroll along in the sunshine, stopping into stores, or window shopping, anything really to enjoy the day. Since it was such a nice day, would you really mind standing outside for an extra 4 minutes? All I wanted was a few minutes to ask you a couple questions which, really, I wanted to be asking EVEN LESS than you wanted to be answering.

OK, I understand not wanting to think about the economy or the election during your nice afternoon, and I understand and appreciate your respectful "no, sorry"s. But please, just take a second to consider helping me out? I'd like that a lot.

And if you do kindly decide to help me out, say, since you're waiting outside a bakery waiting for your wife and daughter, I thank you. However, if you are going to help me, please respect me. The following are not decent ways to treat a human being:

-rolling eyes
-laughing at my questions
-saying "that's obvious, isn't it?" to my opinion-related questions
-telling me I should switch universities to one that teaches me something

All of the above are awful ways to say "welcome back home!" and also shitty ways to treat a person.

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