Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Let's ditch this and go to Europe.

Midterm studying actually did end up going down and I'm so totally gonna kill Plato. I hope. I think. Midterms are worth only one paper, but I want to kiiilllll this thing. My last essay apparently missed the mark -- this was the all nighter paper. Apparently the 5 am revelation... not so much. I need to counteract this totally shit feeling and own the midterm. Jules and Mark (above) are my very capable study buddies, and pretty nice friends to boot. They stopped making out with each other to study with me.

Ahh... the newspaper. My other love. Or my tumour. It's a painful, cumbersome, physical growth on my life. Assembled all in one place, they don't look so scary.... but the are. That's a big pile, I promise. And it's sitting there, weighing on my mind, quietly whispering its prescence -- a constant buzz in the back of my mind. I went today to buy scrapbooking stuff for the assignment and hoped this would quiet the voices. Instead? They got louder. Helpful.

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