Friday, 28 November 2008


I have made it through another day.

I did not make it to lecture. After another night of little sleep with a stomach that has decided to feel ill every morning at five, I was completely exhausted. I spent an hour curled up on the cold bathroom floor.

At 11:45 I pulled my whimpering ass out of bed. My attempt at lunch failed miserably -- I choked down half of a breakfast in a pouch before giving up. Tutorial was totally brutal -- I barely remember anything from it. Before I knew it, the room was empty and my tutor was sitting next to me peering at me with a concerned look. I think the mother in her saw a sad, sick, lost little girl and she ushered my upstairs to see the head of the programme and only left once she was confident I was set up and introduced.

Daniel, it turns out, it a very nice man. He quickly realized I had no plan of action. My only plan was to get back to bed as quickly as possible. I wasn't even thinking about catching up on reading or preparing for orals. He was very understanding and gave me an extension on my paper so that I don't have to do it until I'm curled up in bed at home.

Home... oh, how I would love to be at home. That's basically all that I want at this point. My everything hurts and I just want my home. I'm trying really hard to have a stiff upper lip with my mom on the phone and my friends when I see them. It's not their job to take care of me (but I do love it when they come by) and my mom feels bad enough without hearing me whimpering into the phone. She sent me a care package with Vitamin C, oranges and banana bread. I'm basically set all weekend -- I won't even have to leave my room. Perfect.

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