Thursday, 6 November 2008

Yes, I should be studying for my midterm

First of all I love this conversation found at Megan's blog. It made me laugh and forget briefly about Plato.

Other than blog and watch the L Word, I called my family twice today. I was reading over my notes when it occurred to me that I haven't talked to my sister in quite a while. Why not phone her up? It seemed like the perfect study break. It went something like this:

LC: Hey!
Sister: Hey how's it goin.
LC: Oh, you know. I have a midterm tomorrow.
Sister: Yuck.
LC: I know.
Sister: I'm working on math.
LC: Good! Math sucks but you gotta get through it to access the Good through dialectic.
Sister: ...

What? Not everyone is in FYP? Bugger.


Another conversation from my day:

Sarah: NO! No studying at dinner. Could you guys talk about weed or sex or something? Anything?
LC: That is so totally going on my blog.
Davis: It's a shame you can't write about juicy things on your blog.*
LC: I guess, yeah. But your dad reads my blog.** That's the weirdest thing ever.
Davis: He found it one time, I don't think he actually reads it.

So I guess I can be juicy? Maybe I should do juicier things so I can write about them. Have to stay fresh and exciting now, don't I? One too many posts about Dante and I'm screwed.

*I can't remember why I put an asterisk there.
**I met Davis's dad for the first time and the first thing he said to me was "Oh yeah! I read your blog!" Yikes. How many of my friends' parents read this secretly???

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