Friday, 6 February 2009

Happy George III Day

Today we had a day off of school. Why? Well, at Dal it's called "Munro Day" because some guy named Munro gave the school a lot of money and said "Give them a day off!". (Like let them eat cake, but much better). At King's we are classier than that, so we have George III Day. As in, King. Apparently, he gave us our constitution (correct me if I'm wrong here, Phil), in addition to fighting Americans? Phil seems to like him a lot, but Liam called him crazy in a mainlining mercury kind of way. Who knows. All I know is that there was a Loyalist flag flying here a King's today. But maybe that always happens -- I don't normally look at the flag pole.

In celebration of this, Phil hosted a tea party in his room. There were many kinds of tea and cookies, and there was even cheese. Not quite as awesome as my mom's little sandwiches at our New Year's Day tea, but you know, close. My new friend Liam, I discovered, is a tea enthusiast. He has a million different kinds of tea and much tea paraphernalia and he even rigged up a little hemp sac and a binder clip and some paper clips for a homemade tea bag for looseleaf tea. Here is my reaction to that:

Me: Liam, is that a binder clip?!

Liam: Uh, yeah.

Me: Can I make out with you now, please?

I love a man who can use a binder clip. I meant to get a picture of this and the rest of the tea party, but my camera battery was dead. Ho-hum.

The rest of the day was spent just not accomplishing anything I meant to; I had a girls' night in with my friends and watched Slings and Arrows. But it's ok -- tomorrow I'll be productive. Rehearsal, reading on the bike, journalism assignment, PLUS essay. Let's see what I get done.


Phil said...

He actually gave us our charter. It's sort of a legitimacy document. I don't know if we actually have a constitution. And usually, the Loyalist flag only flies during encaenia. And on George III day. And I think the tea party went remarkably well, given that DJ and I decided to do it this morning at about 11. Rather impressive, I think.

Jo Stockton said...

You need to get a photo of the binder clip tea bag and send it to David Scrimshaw! YOU NEED TO!


Magpie said...

Our girls' night was barrels of fun :) I'm so glad we did it.
Also, Phil, the cheese was delicious. DELICIOUS, I SAY! Thanks for hosting. :)

Saf said...

There was cheese? Oh man. I'm sad I missed it. I put up the Loyalist flag! Woo. Late, because I wasn't sure if it was supposed to go up or not. But, it did cross my mind (and then Phil called the front desk to tell us to put it up. Whoops).

David Scrimshaw said...

Jo is right that I'd like a photo of the teabag binder clip, but my week has already been made with:

"Can I make out with you now, please?

I love a man who can use a binder clip."