Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Don't you want to know how we keep starting fires?

An epic King's tradition (organised this year by me) will be going down in an hour and a half's time. I'm pretty excited. But to preserve the feeling of "secrecy"* I will save my post about it for later.

I'm trying to psych myself up for said event, but I'm not in the best mood right now. Half of me is raring to go. The other half would like to sleep. I'll get my energy up soon, but right now, not so much.

My last real journalism class was today. HURRAY! No more J1001 as long as I live. Never ever again. I handed in my final copy of my major features article, I evaluated teachers, I sat through a boring lecture. And then it was over. But while it lasted, I felt really shitty. It seems I have acquired my roommate's head cold. I'm going to blame our stuff room, and ignore other factors (like the fact that I never sleep anymore, and eat little). Anyway, it's left me sore, shivery and stuff up. Ugh. Bring on the Cold and Sinus Advil.

After scarfing down something dinner-like, I ran off to the KSU General meeting which was, let me say, a bit of a shit show. However, I'm pretty sure that's how these things go. One item on the Agenda involved a proposed changed to the KSU Constitution where quorum -- the percentage of the body required for a meeting to occur -- was to be lowered. I am sensitive to the problem of how hard it is to get and keep enough people at these meetings, but you know what? That's kind of our job as councillors, to get the message out to the body that there will be a meeting and they should be there. And student body? Step up. Come on. These are things that directly affect you. We voted on how YOUR MONEY will be spent next year. That merits a couple of hours of your time.

I've been to one KSU council meeting and, now, one general meeting. I loved both events. Ok, I know, I will change my mind the longer I'm in student politics, I'm liable to become jaded, and probably the reason I like it so much so far is because I haven't put my heart into something and been rejected. But for right now, it's still a rush, and it's something I like putting my time into. Democracy can be messy, but it's important. I need to get working on knowing my Robert's Rules.

*It's a fake secret. Everyone knows about it, knows when it's happening. But we maintain our fake secrecy.

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ange ella said...

It was such a funny fake secret. Our girls came up to Tiff and me asking about the "floor meetings" and we were just like, uh... we're not involved. In whatever's not happening.

We watched from my window. It was fun.