Saturday, 18 April 2009

so fyp.


haha, this summer is going to be me trying to forget that everything has philosophic undertones.


nooo, I refuse to forget. I will be comtemplating the One all summer. and Dasein


I saw a street sign driving that said "no exit" and i thought of sartre and ignored the actual meaning and realized too late that there was ... no exit to the street i was driving down.

so philosophy is fun and everything but sometimes it affects regular daily life. i am not a good driver! i spent 20 minutes trying to right myself.


Phil said...

Ah, hilarious. You poor fyp kids. I chuckled.

Anonymous said...

Man, Rashid and I were talking about hipsters last night, and it took all the focus and energy I had not to shout, "NIHILISM!"

Also, being stoned and not talking about FYP is a really, really weird experience.