Saturday, 25 July 2009

BOLO recap, among other things

WOW is it ever RAINING. Save some for drought-ridden areas, would you, sky? And pipe down on that thunder. Thunder makes me uneasy at the best of times, but having just returned home from watching a little girl for the evening, I'm on edge. Somehow, though the house shook and I jumped every time, she slept through the thunder. Phew.

Today went by remarkably quickly. Fridays are half-days at work, so the actually shortened day paired with extreme exhaustion made me feel like I drifted into work, sat down, got up again, and left. In the middle I copy edited. Today I was the queen of copy editing.

The best part was though I woke up wondering if my alarm had gone off just before dawn due to the lack of light coming from the sky, I hauled myself out of bed and knew I would plop it back down mere hours later. I love my Friday afternoons in bed with a book -- and a nap. Although, I didn't think it was possible to have a nightmare during an afternoon nap. Aren't "day"dreams the nice ones? Maybe my brain was confused by the darkened sky. Whatever it was, I had a terrible dream which culminated with my beloved cat dying. I woke up panicked, breathing hard, and my cat picked that moment to reach her paw out and rest it on my foot in a very comforting way.

(Here Rosie helpfully reminds me there are more important things than technology)

Last night's Blog Out Loud Ottawa was a lot of fun! I met all sorts of new bloggers, like Nat, who made me laugh so hard I was tearing up, and caught up with Andrea and Milan. I met people whose blogs I completely love and look forward to reading every day -- most particularly zoom, whose posts amuse and touch me on a regular basis*.

Well, new lurkers, that is, bloggers I met last night, I enjoyed hearing from all of you very much and I hope the feeling was mutual! Thank you again, Lynn, for putting together such a fun event.

On another note, I think both "zup" and "ex-u-pee" sound weird. I mostly just read her name and try not to figure out how to say it out loud. XUP, did you have any idea what kind of controversy you were starting with your blog moniker?

(Here is a picture of another of my cats, Jubal)

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zoom said...

I enjoyed chatting with you, Evey. I've run across you before (Westfest last year, and Vinyl Cafe this year I think), but this was the first time our paths have actually crossed.

And it's X.U.P. For the record.