Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Things I learn while listening to CBC

Congratulations to Elgin Street Irregulars and, both of whom made Ottawa Start's top 30 blogs list. This isn't a particularly prestigious list, at least, I've never heard of it before, but it got a chat-up on CBC morning. Lots of great blogs on the list, but of them, ESI and Knitknut are my favourites. I definitely recommend them. Ottawa Start sums it up perfectly:
She's one of those bloggers who every other blogger in Ottawa reads ... you should too.

Elgin Street Irregulars
I can't describe this one, you just have to read it for a few weeks to figure it out. Even then...

If you want more recommendations, I keep my blog list updated and they're all great!


Milan said...

Cheap Eats Ottawa looks like it could be useful.

La Canadienne said...

Milan: It's a book too!

4th Dwarf said...

Cheap eats? Who needs a blog and a book for that?

All you need to know are DiRienzo's for $4 sandwiches and any Vietnamese restaurant with the word "Pho" in its name.

(And LC, thanks for the plug. Had you really never heard of the 30 essential Ottawa Blogs list before? I'm sure you'd have been in the running if you hadn't turned into a Dal blog.)