Saturday, 16 January 2010

a further reflection on the theme of time (which seems to pop up a lot in my blog these days)

Today, this morning, I feel completely relaxed. The sun has pulled out from behind the clouds for a day, and the blue sky stretches over the warm quad. There's snow but it seems so ridiculous that there's snow on a beautiful, warm spring day that could be Ottawa in April.

I should be reading Dostoevsky, or something for my history of science classes. I have this morning off. Really, really off. According to my new calendar, I am not supposed to be doing anything at all until 1 pm. Until then, I sit on my bed with my computer, listening to podcasts and smelling the sun coming in the window.

If you're a Tegan and Sara fan, here's an interview they did with Jian Ghomeshi. My favourite part is right at the end when Tegan explains to Jian how she proactively dissuades herself from drunk calling/texting girls who are bad for her - she names them things like "Bad Idea" or "She's never going to call you back" in her contact list.

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