Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Keeping it together

So far, my plan to keep organised is working... I think.

It's kind of hard to measure success with this one. But I have noticed I've felt slightly less panicked. I've started using the calendar on my computer to write down all of my commitments; meetings, classes, work hours, dance rehearsals... It's all there. So when something new comes up, I add it to the list. Yes, it has promoted a different way of procrastination a little bit. For instance, instead of surfing Facebook or Twitter, I play with my calendar. Time actually spent 'playing', however, has declined steadily daily. So I feel like it will be OK.

Everything is colour coordinated, including notes of to-do lists. It really has taken a load off of my mind. I'm not trying to juggle everything in my mind anymore - it's all laid out for me, and little by little, I can let go of the juggling stress, and just do the things. Even having my detailed, organised to do lists for reading and assignments helps.

Although, writing out all of my deadlines for the semester is not removing any stress at all. It has probably added to my stress to see them all laid out like this. My deadlines are fairly spread out, which is good, but there's one week where I have 2 assignments, 1 midterm, and 1 oral presentation in 3 days. Did I mention it's the Monday-Wednesday after the dance show goes up? Yikes.

The dance show, by the way, is going to be HOT. I am having a blast with this, despite all the stress involved with the co-director/co-stage manager/co-set design/etc and that work. Just like last year, I'm remembering how happy dancing makes me. I'm not what I'd call a "real dancer"; I used to take classes for years when I was little, but quit around age 12. I'm not highly trained at all. But man do I love it.

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