Thursday, 28 January 2010

My Number

Last night I went to the Tegan and Sara concert in Halifax. I am a pretty big Tegan and Sara fan, so much so that I had to force myself to stop listening to them for several years in order to avoid becoming overloaded and hating them. It was a hard thing to do. It was just before The Con came out and then I tried listening to The Con, and honestly, I was not so impressed. So Tegan, Sara and I entered into a period of distance. We were like those awkward Facebook friends, you met them at camp or at a summer job or something and were really close for a while but now don't really talk, just awkwardly know you used to be super close.

Anyway, Sainthood came out last year and my dad bought it for me. I didn't even know it was out when he produced it from his suitcase in October when he came to visit me. I downloaded it, listened to it once, and hadn't listened to it until Monday afternoon when I realized that the concert was this week. Some people prepare for concerts by going on a music fast and not listening to that artist. I go on a binge. I get myself pumped. So pumped. So last night? I was pumped.

They were funny, they were hot, they played so many of the great songs I wanted, they made me want to cut all my hair off and run away to be a groupie. They were great. It was the last stop on their tour, and you could tell they were a little tired. But still put on a great show. And I correctly hypothesized which twin was which on stage, which makes me very proud of myself.

Two of my favourite Tegan and Sara songs are My Number from This Business of Art, one of their earlier CDs, and Living Room from So Jealous. One is old and the other has a banjo in it and I was convinced they wouldn't play either one. Oh, but then they came out for the encore and it was just Tegan and Sara, doing their thing, being awesome. And they played my number AND Living Room. Living Room was the very last song and I just went nuts. It was like they played it just for me.

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Nat said...

I'm hit and miss with Tegan and Sara to be honest. (Though one of them, not sure which sang at the CAPP protest last weekend.)But I do love that feeling you get when the band (no matter which one) plays that your unusual favourite song and the feeling that they are playing it just for you.