Monday, 15 February 2010

Valentine's Day Post

I guess on Valentine's Day something that you do is post about Valentine's Day. However, on my Valentine's Day, my Valentine was visiting from out of town.

In a lot of ways it was just like every other weekend when he visits. We spend a lot of time ignoring other people. I ignore my homework. He does adorable things for me.

Valentine's Day is not really my thing. I loved in grade five when you decorated a big paper bag to put cards in and got a whole afternoon of class off for a party (Mmm... pink icing). Beyond that, I haven't really been up on Valentine's Day since. I've never really had a Valentine to moon over either.

I probably would have done something this year if it hadn't fallen on the day after the dance show, and maybe would have done something anyway if I wasn't sick from overworking myself. I told Phil upfront not to do much of anything because I would feel bad. He did surprise me; we were sitting in my room after I came back from striking the set of the dance show, when Saf at called me from front desk to tell me to come pick something up from my mailbox. Obviously, this was all a clever ruse by Phil to lure me away so he could quickly surprise me with dinner. Sushi and green tea! Yum. I have the best boyfriend ever.

Now he's gone back home. Ho-hum.

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