Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Bike! Bike! Bike!

I have the best boyfriend ever!

Phil has been working on restoring this bike for me since August, when it looked like this:

We came across it last summer while exploring an old outbuilding on his property. Apparently, I said something to the effect of "This is the coolest bike I've ever seen" and that's when Phil made up his mind to fix it for me. It was meant as a birthday gift (my birthday is in November) but that didn't work out.

Originally, this bike is from the late 1940s, and used to belong to Phil's aunt.

He gave it to me today, and I love, love, love it.

Best part is that Phil and my mom have been scheming, and my mom is borrowing a bike rack to bring it home with us to Ottawa when I leave next week. I'm so excited to cruise in style this summer!

PS: This reminds me of when Jennifer's Man of Science gave her a sexy bike.


Ange Friesen said...

That is gorgeous and so exciting.

Lorien said...

Let's go out on our bikes when you get home! <3