Wednesday, 18 August 2010


So, I'm in London, Ontario, visiting some family, and seeing a show in Stratford tomorrow night. (The Tempest! With Christopher! Plummer! Yeeeeeeah).

I am feeling totally freaked and overwhelmed by how quickly my summer is wrapping up. I leave for the Maritimes one week from tomorrow. ONE WEEK. Do you know how many things I have to squeeze in? I barely even realize. I try not to think about it, lest I begin hyperventilating.

The worst part is there are so many people that I want to spend time with, lots of time, more time than I have. And I have to pack. And packing makes me want to freak out, which comes out as punching friends and family in the face (emotionally). I am the worst.

Somewhere on the other side, circa September 2 evening, when I am moved in and there and with my Halifax friends, everything will be OK, and I will breathe deeply. Until then, my eye has started to twitch.


Milan said...

We should definitely try to see one another before you go.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaargh, I am in the exact same boat as you. THERE ISN'T ENOUGH TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!! But once you're there and settled down, everything will be fine. Just remember that Halifax is totally worth it, and we'll look back on this awkward time, shake our heads, laugh nervously and change the subject :)

Much love, my darling!


(The Word Verification is "cytogas" - clearly it can sense the incoming stress that is Classics in the Quad)

Pauline said...

This summer is going by SO fast! It's crazy!
Enjoy the shows! :)