Wednesday, 2 January 2008

The dust at dawn is rained upon, attaches itself to everyone

Funny moment of today:

The scene: A group of teenagers are standing outside in the freezing cold. One of them (me) is holding a camera in a shivering hand. She speaks in short, demanding sentences and points violently.

Evey: Ok, now we're going to do the snowball shots. Josh, get over there.
Josh: [walks across to the other side of the road] here?
Evey: Yeah. Everyone else, pelt him with snowballs!
Josh: What?!!
Josh was really, really snowy by the end of the day's shoot.

Today was the day that the cast and crew of the upcoming movie Beauty School (currently in production mode) decided to come together to do a huge day of shooting. We got a lot of scenes shot, but we also had a ton of fun. Some highlights include the fake fight Bailey and I had that was accidentally caught on camera, my cameo as the crazy mother, Josh pushed into a snowbank.

I feel like work shouldn't be that fun. We had just way too much fun.

Where, oh where, have the holidays gone? It feels like 3 days ago that I was sitting in class thinking longingly of the upcoming stretch of rest and relaxation, and now I'm desperately clinging to every moment, trying to forget all the work I haven't even started. More than stupid teacher/board politics, more than stupid grading systems, my biggest problem with the school system right now is break. About December 15, the grads started rolling in, more than any other year, I think. Everyone you looked, the school was lousy with them. They were laughing, they were gushing, they were that wonderful, beautiful thing we'd all forgotten, that word, what's that word, right, relaxed. Meanwhile, the grade 12 students all manically glanced up from their keyboards and 3am and shot a quick "sup?" before continuing summatives with one hand and cramming Christmas turkey down their throats with the other. Here's an idea, schools: read the calendar. No, no really READ it. Here, I'll take a minute and wait. See that stretch of time between Dec 21 and Jan 7 where you aren't open? That's the the Winter BREAK. As in, a break in work, a break in routine, time to decompress. Unfortunately, teachers don't seem to understand this. They figure that the break means more time for work. Honestly, this is the unavoidable by-product of a mid-term break. If they really wanted to give us a break, they would shift everything so we had winter break between terms.

...and that is my school board beef.

THE END. (for now)

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