Wednesday, 16 January 2008

The saddest thing that I've ever seen/ smokers outside the hospital doors

I kind of miss my old blog. I really do. I had a great run over there. I started it as a way to keep in touch with my cousins and friends in Indiana, but when they stopped blogging so much and I stopped living vicariously through them, I realized I'd kept it up because I really enjoy blogging. It's true that the old blog was stagnating and was overly popular with friends of my parents, but it's still sad to let go. I guess I just have to wait a while to see if some of the old readers tag along for the ride. Maybe I will meet some new people too! Exciting.

In other news, a late Christmas present arrived for me today in the mail, which was very exciting. My mother ordered Doris: An Anthology for me for Christmas since Chapters stores often don't carry it. I'm excited, and it will make for some fab reading -- if I can wait until after exams. Who am I kidding? That's two weeks away. I'll wait until the weekend instead.

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