Thursday, 17 January 2008

We are the Earth Intruders

Sometimes, I find out how incredibly talented all the people I know are and then I feel really small for a while.

Tonight was the Art Show for all the arts students. I took a brief look upstairs at the pieces but I spent a long time in the grad art room, where 40 students in my grade displayed their art pieces from the year. I had no idea these people were so talented! Where do they hide all this talent? Why didn't I know?

Here are some favourite pieces from the night:

1. A mermaid dress. My friend made a dress for one of her independant pieces (under the sea -themed) that was empire waist with these amazing pieces like scales to make the skirt. "And it's in my size!" She said, "I'm definitely whipping this thing out at a party."

2. A picture of a face. There was this painting, randomly of a face, but it was weird and had all these dots and colours, and funky ears and I quite liked it. I later learned that it had been painted while the artist and her friend were really drunk. I feel like maybe I should drink up before I try my luck at painting again?

3. My favourite piece was this amazing, five feet by five feet canvas with 1 inch diameter circles on it. The were lined up perfectly, like a honeycomb. The artist explained to me that all the pictures had been taken from National Geographic Magazine, and she knew the story for each one. There were about 1000 circles on the canvas. "This one," she said, pointing to an arm, "is part of a really hot boy..."

I am super jealous of all this talent. Jumping up and down on stage saying silly things? Easy. Making a chez d'oeuvre like that? Amazing.

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