Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Stars, shine so bright/ much better than neon lights

So, I know that this is kind of the obsession of many right now and many are likely sick of hearing about this... Heath Ledger died. Like, he's dead. Am I the only one who was shocked?

OK, I completely understand the absurd side of this. He's totally not even related to me in any way. We've never even met -- except for that one time we almost did while he was shooting the Bob Dylan movie in Ottawa right near Insight Theatre practice, but anyway -- why should this affect me at all?

Well, you see, it just so happens that one of my favourite movies of all time is 10 Things I Hate About You, an adaptation of the Taming of the Shrew, but in high school. Yes, Shakespeare adapted for high school, very novel. But there was something about this movie. I laugh so hard, every time I watch it. I cry at the end every time. And it's pretty much because of Heath Ledger. He plays this guy who is paid to take out Kat -- Julia Stiles -- and is kind of the school rebel. Somewhere along the way, he falls for her. Drama ensues. Nerds and popular kids are made fun of. Keggers go down. There is very hot kissing in a pile of straw during a paint balloon game. Heath Ledger's character is so bad-ass, but so fragile all at once... and Julia Stiles is the same. I liked that she was this amazing, cool, gorgeous girl who read Sylvia Plath and didn't care what people thought. I looked up to her.

Anyway, on one of my Fantasy Lists*, Heath Ledger is #1 -- for "Boys I would most like to come be my Boyfriend". He was sweet, considerate, and completely smitten with her. Who doesn't want a boy like that, one who is adorably gorgeous on top of it?

So, I'm sad Heath Ledger died.

*Other lists inclued "Girls I would most like to be"** and "Marriages I hope to someday model my Own Marriage Off Of" (The coach and Tammy from Friday Night Lights).

Evey's list of Girls She Would Most Like to Be (If She had to be Someone Else):
#1 Ellen Page
#2 Natalie Portman
#3 Scarlett Johansson
#4 Keira Knightley
#5 Julia Stiles

These are all based off of their being in movies I would like to also be in. And also them playing cool characters. And also they themselves seeming pretty cool.


Andrea SK said...

I feel the same way! And I have a total girlie crush on him from that movie... I mean, HE BOUGHT HER A FREAKING GUITAR! Can you get any cooler?

Yeah, sad sad. I was very surprised.

Loud said...

I was distressed that "10 things" didn't make it into the Citizen's list of his films in that article today. It was truly his finest moment*.

I was surprised, too, actually. I heard the news on CNN (playing at my job)when it broke. Poor guy, no one should die that young...except for grade-school bullies and internet trolls.

*Yes, I've also seen Brokeback mountain. My mother, sister, and I all agree that it's not as good as everyone says. "Imagine me and you" has far more believable same-sex chemistry, for my money. Hell, that one scene in "Dead like me" with the two guys getting married had more believable chemistry, but I digress...