Friday, 1 February 2008

If I gave you my number...

Yikes, is it ever snowing! I just got home and I'm all snowy and cold-y.

Today was the first day of semester 2. The last first day of high school classes I will ever have. That's only a little scary. But I will move on because it's no fun to live life counting lasts instead of firsts. Lasts are sad.

I am however hoping this is the last time that guidance messes up my schedule. Because they never switched me from "advanced functions" (math) into "Canadian Families in a Diverse Society" (canfam), CanFam is now full and I'm stuck in the math course. Bummer! I went into the guidance office and put myself on a waiting lift for CanFam, in case someone drops it, and I'm also on a waiting list for two online courses. In the mean time, I will drop math, which means I have to write a letter to the principal asking to become a part-time student (since when I drop math, I will only be taking 5 courses this year).

I'm hoping for the online course to come through, but I won't find out about that until the end of next week. Time for the waiting game.

Tonight I'm off to a Hummanities music night at Carleton with a friend who is in that program and wants me to go into that program, and then tomorrow I'm off to Queen's until Tuesday. Big time university weekend. I will tell all when I return!

Update: Stupid snow! Music night was canceled. Bummer.

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