Friday, 1 February 2008

"Well, tell him, 'Excuse me Joel, it's my turn now'." "OUT!"

I have a confession to make.

I watch a lot of TV. Really I watch way too much TV. Some TV I don't even like that much (Grey's Anatomy post season 1) but I watch it anyway. TV has always been the thing I do with my mom. We chat, we watch, we relax... it's just the way it's been ever since I got up the nerve to get out of bed and go sit with my mom by the TV. It was my favourite part of the day -- just me and my mom and no sister. It was my secret mommy time.

What I need to do is edit my TV watching. It takes up way too much of my time. A ton of my time at home is spent chatting on the computer while I watch TV and what I've noticed is that I can't do both at once anymore. I miss out on something on the show, which means it's worthless, or I get angry with my sister for trying to talk to me while my tired brain tries to multitask, and my sister and I really, really don't need more tension between my sister and I right now.

I could also use more time on homework. Right now I don't start homework until 9 or 10 at night, and with all the writing I have to do this semester, that isn't going to fly. I owe it to myself, to my body and to my brain to get more sleep, especially with rowing coming up (in May) on the water at 5am, and rugby starting up.

One show I will not be cutting out is my current fave. Unlike any of the other shows I watch I never get annoyed with it, I never want to throw things at the screen and I always end up feeling warm and fuzzy once it's over. This show is the (yikes) TLC show Jon and Kate + 8. This is a show about a controlling but sweet mom and an incredibly loveable dad who have five-year-old twins and three-year-old sextuplets. I could name all the kids and their mannerisms to you, but a) I doubt anyone would find it as interesting as I do and b) it would be a little creepy. But really, this show isn't contrived, everyone loves one another and the worst thing that happens is that Collin and Alexis fight and then make up and have a hug. There is something about three year old that is so, so cute, and since I don't know any three-year-olds and it'll be a while before I have one of my own, this is the solution. It's the high point of my Monday night.

Honestly people, try it sometime. The one at the zoo is gold.

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