Friday, 8 February 2008

Rojo Caliente

I went to Queen's last weekend with some friends of mine from school and it was "rojo caliente"*. I love taking trips with my friends, I love long train rides. I guess I'm maybe a little weird, but there's something about the gently rocking of the train, sitting with good friends, laughing and having hours to spend together. It's like a little bubble. You aren't worried about what else you could or should be doing, the focus is on the time together. It's nice.

The weekend was fun. I tend to be super uptight about everything, but I made a concious effort not to worry about what had to happen, when I'd meet up with Geoff, when we'd eat, where we'd go... I just told myself to relax because everything would work out. The funny part was, it did. I had a great weekend. I was staying with a friend of mine who is in Engineering at Queen's. Eng is a huge deal, and my friend, Geoff, is on an eng floor, so he is steeped in it 24/7. They all wear these jackets that they beat up and then dye purple and then wear everywhere and they are really ugly. Luckily Geoff and I were able to move past our differences of opinion on the jackets and had a lovely time. I did get some touring/evaluating of the school done**as well as had a really fun time. My other friends stayed with a sister and she was great. She let us crash our junk in her room and took us to her frosh's party and she ended up hanging out with us too, which was very fun.

It's weird for me to be in control of myself for a weekend, so it was kind of nice. University sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun.

* Red Hot in spanish. Also a very funny song written and performed by a Queen's student. She made a professional music video and everything. She is now a campus celebrity. I was kind of sad I did not make a "rojo sighting" while I was there.

** I wouldn't go to Queen's for the school, but for the Concurrent Education program if I get in and want to go.


Davis said...

Jeeze, Eves. Way to give the parental-approved story of all things Queens. Where was the drunken nights? The ridiculous drama? C'mon, tell the whole story, your mom doesn't know the url ;) ;) ;)

Loud said...

Did you find out where the purple-jacket tradition started? I'll bet it's a good story. Carleton engies get reddish leather jackets, but are apparently not hardcore enough to beat on' em and die them some other, uglier colour.

Why are engies the only ones who get leather jackets in Uni? They get a worthwhile degree out of the place. I could pawn off a leather jacket - even a beat-up purple one - for more than my arts degree will be worth :(

PS. That song is terrible, but the youtube commentary on the music video about "trying to drink until it's good" sounds like an awesome drinking game