Saturday, 9 February 2008

I was pressed for time a bit when I wrote my last post, the one about Queen's, and wasn't able to add in all the fun stuff that happenned. As Davis alluded to in her comment, it was a pretty drama-filled weekend. Well, when five high school students go away for the weekend, that's what happens. So, I'll bring some highlights.

Highlight #1: They know that we know that they know that we know.

The night before we left, there was a bit of a party that went down at which two people (who both went on the trip) hooked up. Big exciting news! And everyone on the trip knew... but we didn't talk about it. We talked about the party, about our friends... but no one mentioned the hickies both were sporting on their necks. This dynamic led to many only slightly awkward moments. Like when one asked the other for some concealer to cover up the hickies. Nice.

Highlight #2: "He's only a 5!"

The first night we went to a slosh the frosh party, and ended up really drunk in that huge crowd, tiny duplex kind of way, if you know what I mean. One member of our party decided it would be a really good idea to make out with everyone. I'm not kidding. We started referring to them as their ratings out of ten. The best part was that everyone was wearing ridiculous clothing/lack thereof since the theme of the party was "dressed to get laid". I hate stupid themes like that, so luckily I was not forced to dress up. Our host andher friend dressed as eggs, which was great, and people at the party wore everything from underwear to sequins. It was the weirdest looking party ever.

Highlight #3: The next morning

We pulled out my camera and look through it. And then laughed a lot. Half of them were blurry and the other half our eyes were closed. Sadly, we were attempting the sexy look.

Highlight #4: "What was that dance called?"

When we arrived at the train station for the ride home, I went to pick up my ticket, and everyone else sat down. Waiting for my ticket to print, I looked over my shoulder and saw my friends doing the "new dance move", allegedly Quebec's answer to the Soulja Boy , and it's called "Le Tabarnak". Yes, like the swear word. It's the stupidest looking dance move ever, and I would argue it's more of a stubbed toe and bad posture put to a beat, but it's entertaining. As I saw them doing this I yelled across the station: "Hey! Wait! I need to get a picture of le tabarnak!" my ticket agent, who was french canadian, asked "what did you call that dance move?" I sheepishly explained that it to her, worried she'd get pissed at me for swearing across the station, but instead she laughed and said "I've got to look that up when I go home."

Ah yes, it was a great weekend. I don't think I stopped laughing the entire time.

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