Sunday, 10 February 2008

These canals, it seems they all go in circles/ places look the same, and we're the only difference

This weekend was one of those great weekends that has a perfect balance of friends and alone time, staying in and going out. It was a three-day weekend, thanks to a PA day, and kicked off the perfect way: with an improv practice. Thursday after school, the improv team practiced until 5:30 and then we all went out for dinner at Elgin Street Diner and ate food that was way too greasy. That night was the epic, long-awaited improv sleepover. As is the tradition, it was in the Farrow basement, which has many couches, a TV and sound proofing -- all important elements. We stayed up all night. The highlight of the night was a game called Catchphrase, which is a game to play with people you love so much you'll still love them after or with people you hate. By the end of it we were all yelling and screaming at one another about points and answers. But everyone loved it.

At about 4am, we had a nice, long improv chat. Everyone got to talk a little bit, about whatever they wanted to talk about. Mostly the kind of stuff we wouldn't share with most people, but with improv, it's important to lay yourself bare with your teammates. Which we did. At six, we all decided we weren't tired and we'd just stay up all night. We woke up five hours later.

Friday night, when I thought I'd have no plans, I ended up getting an invite for tea with Andrea. Right after I accepted this invite, I was called by three different people to ask what I was doing that night.

"Well, I'm having tea."
"Who with?"
"A... blogger friend."

I always feel silly saying the words "blog" or "blogger" because they sound so silly.

It's always fun to meet someone who you already know a lot about. Sometimes it can be pretty awkward too, but luckily, this was not the case. When I arrived, Andrea answered the door in a "Will cook for sex!" apron and announced that she was making muffins. They were delicious. It ended up being lots of fun for three hours until suddenly it was 11 o'clock and neither of us had any idea where the time had gone.

The rest of the weekend was spent lying around doing nothing, reading for class, or packing up my room, which is to be painted this week! Finally! I've only been planning it for six years. But it will now be done, and I will have a new book case and even a chair to sit in! I can hardly contain my excitement. I will post before and after shots/videos when everything is over.

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