Tuesday, 12 February 2008

[ Silence ]

I am in a horrendously bad mood. This is because I can't listen to music. This is because, though I have many music player to ear listening devices, the universe is working against me.

I have a lovely pair of sony headphones I've had since I started dating my first (and only, come to that) long-term boyfriend, about two years ago. This happenned at a crucial time in my relationship with music. I was right at that point where I really started to feel music. I fell in love with music. When I was upset, I knew what I needed to listen to. Around this point, earbuds became insufficient. The big headphones allowed me to put on my music and shut out the world. This is key for teenagers, let me tell you.

As a result, those headphones and I have been through some times. Some major times. So when they broke last summer, I was super bummed. I taped them back together and kept using them... but it wasn't working. The earphone on the broken side sticks out from my head and I have to hold it against my head. My earbuds became my primary listening device. Along the way I also picked up a nifty hat that has speakers in it.

Anyway, I got a nice big gift certificate to Planet of Sound in Ottawa South for my birthday from a couple of friends, and so I decided I should go in and check out their headphones, since really, I need a new pair. After some testing, I decided on a pair, bought them (a bit of a splurge, but really, I'd been waiting a while for a new pair) and took them home. The minute I put them on my ears and sat in my living room listening to music, I knew something was wrong. I could hear everything -- the music, the quality of which was amazing, but also the ambient noises of my family around me. Bad news.

So today I tried to return them. Because really, I need the block the world out pair right now. I'm still a tortured teenager, right? We have our moments. I found out I couldn't return them since the box was open, and no, the manager will not be in until Thursday.


I took them back home to try again on Thursday, and set about trying to fix my old pair better. Some scotch tape was to be involved, and maybe some wire. I figured if these ones could be salvaged, they could be used for extreme, keep the world out situations and I could keep the new ones with amazing soung quality. Only, duct tape is hard to remove. So I used some scissors... and just nicked the wire in the headphones. Now, they really really don't work. Fuck. FUCK.

To add to this whole thing, I have misplaced my earbuds, and the cord to connect the nifty hat to the computer/ipod is somewhere packed in my shit which is piled in a corner of my dad's study while the painters do their thing.

So. I'm going NUTS. I can't listen to music. I won't be able to all tomorrow. Or the next day. Probably I won't buy any until this weekend, since I don't have time. But only if I get my money back. I just miss my trusty old headphones. And I don't know what kind to buy now.

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