Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Une derniere verre (pour la route)

Today I went home after lunch and slept for three and a half hours straight. How did I do that? I guess I really am sick. Bad news is that it has skewed my sleep pattern a little, so I'm not tired yet. You just know what tomorrow is going to be like, what with the marathon improv practice semi-planned.

Oh improv. Many of you know, I'm sure, of my love for improvised theatre, and how psyched I was when I made the team this year. Improv is basically the best part of my life right now. In the drama room after school, the door shuts and it's just us. And we improvise. I love it.

The thing is that the team this year contains a group of people who have eleventy million things to do. One member is in the military and is gone every second weekend to do training. Almost all of us have jobs. Then there's homework... Being in high school is busy and hectic to the max. But improv keeps suffering because of it. It drives me nuts when we can't get the team together for a practice, and it makes me the most mad when I miss a practice, because I can't ask other people to "Get there!" when I can't. This happenned last week when I didn't know about a practice until I got a phone call at 3 o'clock and I was at home already, not able to get there. It frusterated me so much.

Today was the worst. When I woke up from the aforementioned epic nap, I turned on my computer to check my email, and a teammate messaged me to ask why I went home this afternoon. Turns out that most of the team had been waiting at the drama room after school but we couldn't practice because there weren't enough people without me. I only went home because I thought we couldn't have practice anyway, our coach told me so, but to wake up and find out practice was off because of me? I'm so, so angry about it.

I just want us to kick ass at regionals*. Whatever happens after that, happens. I just want to kick some ass. And by kick ass, I mean, make amazing scenes with my team.

*Come and see us perform! All the info I have so far is in the sidebar. Improv is a ton of fun, I promise you'll all love it. Tickets are something like 10 dollars.


Milan said...

This post reminded me that there is some easily accessible evidence of my brothers' improv careers: a short film my middle brother made about my younger brother's team.

Perhaps you will recognize some people.

La Canadienne said...

Thanks for linking me to that! I definitely noticed the ref who comes to Ottawa to do nationals every year.

Milan said...

I think his name is Dave Morris - he's from North Vancouver.