Saturday, 23 February 2008

The endless nights of Genova Heights are hard to leave, so hard to leave

I am in love. It's a love that is true and pure and will last forever. I had forgotten this wonderful feeling for a while, but I have tasted it again and it is delicious. The object of my affection is peanut butter.

I have always loved peanut butter. I was one of those little girls who was raised on PB + J sandwiches and Barbie dolls. My peanut butter intake decreased significantly once I entered the peanut-free school zone and then I dated a guy who was allergic to peanut butter. Since I saw him almost every day, I cut out peanut butter, for fear of causing death. The first love euphoria made up for it well, but once the relationship started to fade, I missed peanut butter. When I visited my cousins, I ate it by the spoonful everyday until I came back home.

I guess I'd forgotten about peanut butter for a while. Turned into a jam on my morning toast kind of a girl. But yesterday, while holding my thick slice of fresh sourdough bread, I thought "hey, why not peanut butter?"

Mmmm. I will not forget again. I love peanut butter.

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A. & J. said...

I am a huge fan of Peanut Butter too. I'll most likely have it once or twice a day. I'll ave any kind, Natural, reg, crunchy, smooth.. they're all good to me :)