Monday, 25 February 2008

Canada: America's Hat.

I am an Oscars girl. I love watching the Oscars. I love watching the dresses and the speeches and the montages and then I cry and then I laugh and then Jon Stewart always hosts and I'm happier for it. I really enjoy it. I am most happy for Diablo Cody* and Once. Great writer amazing song. Also, great dress, cute speech.

But the BEST part of Oscars night is OscarBlog. Let me explain. Every year, a bunch of my friends from Indiana and I hang out in an IM chatroom and watch the Oscars: together, but apart. It's very nice. There have been dramas in the past (like that once year where Michael and I got into a fight about Orlando Bloom and his hotness and my being an annoying 13 year old girl in love with him and then he blocked me for the next two years until we both started watching the same shows), but we always have so much fun. I spend the night laughing my ass off. It's unfortunate that I never get to see these people. This is why OscarBlog is so much fun.

Here are some highlights for you. I hope you understand them, without knowing the people. It might be tough. My advice is to focus on what we're saying , not who is saying it. This year's blog was called "OscarBlog2008: There Will Be Blog"

Michael: Xavier Bardem? Really, Regis?

Erin: Bad TIVO?
Me: When mom wans to record Pride and Prejudice and dad sets the thing to record URBAN FREAKING JUSTICE with STEVEN FREAKIN SEAGAL.
Michael: GO DAD!

Nathan: My ! mark button was jammed. I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to get excited.

Marten: Damn. Harrison Ford is old.
Michael: Which is why the new Indiana Jones movie is going to be awesome.
Nathan: Hence, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.
Erin: The movie I will always call Indiana Jones and the Retirement Home of Doom.

Michael: You heard it here first! Schindler's List gave Spielberg menopause!

Michael: Don't listen to Evey.
Me: What did I do?
Michael: I anticipated mockery of There Will Be Blood. Which...didn't actually come.
Me: lol. You Americans and your preemptive strikes.
Michael: We do love them!
Marten: That's a low blow, I think.
Michael: The preemptive strike joke? I thought it was funny.
Me: Well, I come out on top. Geographically.
Marten: Canada: America's hat.
Michael: It's quite a snazzy hat, though.

*Diable Cody is her blogger name. She was an exotic dancer, wrote a blog, and some Hollywood type commented on her blog that she should write a screenplay. So she did. And it ended up being Juno. See, everyone I know?? Bloggers are moving up. Just look at how Fidel resigned. He's clearly with the times.

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Lorien said...

Hahaha, they are amusing! Love the quotes.