Monday, 17 March 2008

Lips and Eyes

Here is a piece I wrote for my school's creative writing journal. Eric Williams, the editor, designed the whole layout, which I think is pretty cool.

The piece:

Lips and Eyes

Lips and eyes
Tell them to behave and they mightfor a while
but while one is open, the other one closes
since only one will work at
they worked together well
ordering the changes
they saw that it was good
and when they saw that it could use some work
the eyes told the lips
what to say and the lips told the world
what to do
and each held the other's counsel
like a smooth round stone
in the palm of your hand
in a slow, winding stream

but then the eyes, they had one idea
and the lips they had another
and both seemed to forget that
they have a common mother
and the world got so confused
because they would both refuse
to set each other
The eyes see how it is
and the lips can taste it too
they both know just how
it's got
around here.
So the eyes let out their sadness
silent torrents to the sea
and the lips show their regret
rolling thunder in the dark
A blundering song of unity rings out to the world
a tale of woe and sadness all of us have heard.

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