Monday, 17 March 2008

You're my Saturday, Cause you're my number 1.

If you were to walk past the field at my high school, first you would see that it's filled with like six feet of snow. You would then notice that in one corner of the field, the perfect coat of snow has been disturbed by what looks like nine figures.

I wish I'd had a camera.

Because we're crazy improv kids and we do crazy things, when Bora walked into the drama room with his head covered in snow, no one was too bothered. Until he told us all about how he'd climbed the fence and then he dove into the snow. And then we all decided we needed to go and see. Which turned into all of us diving into the snow. John said "The lifeguard in me is very concerned." But still, we dove (yes, dove) into the snow. Somehow we really didn't end up very wet, though we did it in T-shirts.

Tomorrow is regional semis. I am so nervous, but also, not so nervous. I am completely in love with my team and with improv and I just want to go do it.

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