Sunday, 2 March 2008

Mr Postman, do you have a letter for me?

I have had a mindfuck of a weekend. No, really. Just one of those weekends where you know you're never going to be the same after.

Last week was the week from hell, but I'm done applying to uni now. Let's hope I get in. Time to live.

I re-painted my room. It's exciting. Here is a before video. I forgot you can't just rotate a video and shot it completely the wrong way. It's really trippy this way. I'll shoot the next one right way up and you can pretend I used to live sideways and now I live right way up. Notice the seventeen-year old rosette wallpaper.


Nathaniel Cornstalk said...

I love that the only sound is your cat.

La Canadienne said...

She's part of the makeover too. She's purple now.