Sunday, 16 March 2008

That's what she said

I just woke up from 14 hours of sleeping, when, according to the rules of jet lag, I should have gotten up earlier. It's 8pm Barcelona time right now.

So I fussed, and I worried, and I stressed, and I second-guessed, but really, this trip was the best idea I've pretty much ever had, after dropping orchestra this year. Brief highlights from each city will follow as well as some select pictures. If you want the full babble, we will have tea. I missed tea.

Overall, the trip was just so much fun. I haven't been on a school trip since grade 8 when the band when to Toronto and they taped us into our rooms at night. A trip when the teachers are just as excited as the students is even more fun. It was a little annoying to be one of three grade twelves on the trip, and even more annoying that they stuck us on the bus with the grade nines. My iPod got an amazing workout in Provence when we'd travel by bus at least 3 hours a day.

About halfway through the trip, I discovered that one member of the tour, a grade 11 student from my french class who hung out with us (we were quite the fab four at the beginning of the trip) had a crush on me. A rather large one. Which made things super awkward for a while there, until I made some grade 10/11 friends and ran away. Really mature way to deal with my problems, I know.

And those grade tens and elevens? I made some really good new friends. I guess that happens when you spend so much time with people. Lord knows there were many, many crushes and couple made during the trip.

Now, I am back to real life and need to get some homework done. If I feel like procrastinating, I'll tell you all about Paris.

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