Sunday, 6 April 2008

I'm crazy, but I get the job done

I wrote a blog post last night at 3am whilst inebriated, but fortunately it was eaten by blogger. Count yourselves lucky. I know I do.

Yesterday we had an improv practice during the afternoon since (omg) nationals start on Tuesday, and we perform on Thursday night. Yikes! I'm having nightmares about it. More on that later.

After an afternoon of sorting ourselves out, we went to the musical in the evening. Our school put on Damn Yankees as the bi-annual (is that right? I'm trying to say it happens every two years) musical. I was a little worried ahead of time, having heard it really sucked, but it ended up being really fun. However, has anyone seen this musical? There is a scene that's about getting women drunk and naked and having your way with them. And the strong female character, the only one in charge of herself, is a villain who is ridiculed because she is unmarried. It helped that the stars were my friends, so we got to laugh a lot, but still... I would have been more offended if girls dressed as male baseball players hadn't been singing about getting women naked.

A party formed up at Davis's after the show. It was the usual teenage dance/drinks/loudness party time. A little too loud, I think. Davis was way stressed. There were a lot of teenage boys who are just really loud people, especially when drunk, and I don't blame her at all for wanting them to cool it. I'm impressed she put up with us so long.

The whole thing wrapped up when I got a ride home from a friend's dad at 3, came into my house loudlly, made a bagel with cream cheese since I'd eaten very little all day, and then tried to blog.

I don't know what caused the dream, but I had a bad one last night. I can't remember it very well now, but I was with the improv team, except I couldn't find everyone and we weren't ready for our performance and I was so stressed and I was in a car with some strangers, trying to get to the NAC. It was bad. I woke up feeling stressed and unrested.

So, maybe my drunk blogging would have been more fun to read. However. There are some things a girl should just keep off the internet.

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