Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Belle & Sebastian season

When the air starts getting warm and the snow recedes from lawns, I pull out the Belle & Sebastian. It is perfect for sunny, springtime days. For some reason, I especially like Get me Away from Here, I'm Dying on warm days. This is probably deeply psychologically telling.

When it comes to technology, I am pretty mainstream. When my computers pops up a question to me, half the time I have not idea what it's talking about. I have Windows Vista because it came with my computer. My mp3 player is an iPod, because everyone had iPods, so they had to be decent right? I named it Igraine, like, Morgaine le Fay's mother. Shows you where my priorities lie.

I have always used Internet Explorer for all of my web work. It comes with the computer, and so I figured it's the one to use. That is, until earlier this week when my friend who is what I would call a computer geek (but of course in a very loving way), suggested to me that I try Mozilla Firefox, some newfangled fancy other way of surfing the internet.


Not only did I download Mozilla, which runs much faster, but I downloaded a nifty mod (jargon!) that makes it super pretty! I now look forward to checking email like never before. Apparently I am very behind the times, which means I'm right on schedule.

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Milan (sindark.com) said...

Firefox has some great plugins. I especially recommend AdBlock and Filterset G.

With both, you may never see a banner ad or popup again.