Tuesday, 6 May 2008

I could drive forever/ beneath this burnt Ontario sky

As you probably already know, if you read this blog with any regularity, I am a procrastinator. This is why I am so hella busy right now - I haven't been doing work... and now it is catching up with me. My to-do list goes on and on and never gets any shorter, it feels.

A good friend of mine pretty much summed up our mutual habit of procrastinating: "Some day, it will bite me in the ass. But it hasn't yet, so I can't bring myself to change it." Basically. I had a presentation due today, but hadn't finished reading the book... it was extended. I never hand in my writing assignments on time... but the teacher still accepts them late. I tried to ignore the whole! fucking! leadership camp! book! and hoped it would go away... and then someone else did it for me. So far, it's working out fine for me, even if it means pulling a super late-nighter now and then.

Which is why I am shocked with how much I have accomplished so far today. None of it is homework, or else that would be way too weird, but my room is all tidy and ready for vacuuming. I spent two hours today grooming my cats (they look about 5 pounds lighter each). I dusted. This is so not like me.

Really, it's about motivation. With the right motivation, and I will get anything done. A due date is often the motivation to start the work due the next day. Finishing a book in order to see a friend. Cleaning the house in order to have a house guest for the weekend. A really cute house guest.

I think I'll go vacuum now...

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