Thursday, 8 May 2008

You with me so it's alright/ we're gonna stay up the whole night

Dear AP exams of French and English Literature,

I was really not looking forward to either one of you. You see, you were both courses I took last semester, and have been trying to forget about for a few months now. I was feeling good about the distance I had put between me and you.

Until I learned that your AP board exams were today. And both on the same day.

Now, that is not very nice. Not at all. You should try to be more considerate. This isn't like putting Calculus and French Lit on the same day -- this is French and English Lit. Did you not think that your interest group overlapped a lot? Well, it does. And I was completely upset and unprepared. Sure, I had decided not to take French Lit, but was coerced into it, but really, it's not very fair how I had to spend 6 hours today writing.

I can't feel my right pinky. Or the top of my right index finger. This makes blogging a little tricky.

Even though I reviewed not at all for English and hated my essays and studied not at all for French and bullshitted my way through, while starting into space during my vast amounts of free time at the French exam, all I could think is I HAVE WON, AP GODS. I HAVE WON.

You know why?

Because I have decided. And I don't need you at all. Because I'm going to King's.



ironic_nonsense said...

Dear AP English exam,

I really did not appreciate you violating my orifices. Kindly refrain from doing so again.


XUP said...

Yay King's! I can't wait to read all about your adventures in Halifax

Mud Mama said...

Woohoo! One more for the coast! Again, reminding you, you gotta come visit Wolfville - Wolfville is to Halifax what Wakefield is to Ottawa - if Wakefield had its own university with a kick ass women's study program :-)

Andrea... said...

Hey! Congrats!