Thursday, 29 May 2008

I have been attacked by the sick. This is because I spent way too much time this weekend staying up late and waking up early. My body basically flipped me the bird and got sick. Thanks. So here I am sitting at home, and I thought I would tell you about my weekend.

I have met a wonderful boy, and I am lucky, lucky, lucky.

The Cute Writer and I have been kissing on a regular basis for about a month now. We met through improv. The unfortunate snag to all this is that he lives in Montreal, but luckily this is only a two hour bus ride away which is a perfectly respectable amount of travel time for a spending a weekend away.

I went to see him first, for an afternoon after my interview with Concordia. I think at that point I was more interested in seeing the Cute Writer than going to Concordia. I then went to see him again the next weekend, since it was his birthday! How convenient. A perfect excuse. The next weekend, by some twist, coming to Ottawa was convenient so I got to see him again. He met my family and won my parents over instantly. Even my sister likes him. The approval that weekend meant he got an open invite to come visit anytime... which led me to do a silly happy dance and hug my mom. I know, I am so, so cool.

This weekend was the best one yet. We skipped last weekend (I had to do homework sometime...) so I was excited for him to be here. It helped that he secretly got a ride from a friend passing through Ottawa and showed up at my doorstep three hours early, which made me nearly faint dead away. I actually almost swooned. We had an extended hug on my porch while I tried to make my knees respond to brain signals again.

He is sweet, charming and my friends love him. And, as suggested he is a writer, and I do love a man who is good with words. There is nothing sexier than that.

So, I will sit in my house, drinking Arthur's Green Energy Smoothie* and thinking of him. Oh, and watching Battlestar Galactica. Why did I not realize how awesome this show is before now?! I'm completely addicted.

*This is the stuff that got my friend through mono, I'm hoping it'll help with my cold.


A. & J. said...

sounds like you found quite the catch :) Good for u!

The Tsar said...

Aww, I'm so happy for you...and only slightly jealous. I hear the BSG is like super-crack. I really need to get on that.

XUP said...

Oh goody, a new romance. I'm looking forward to regular updates

ironic_nonsense said...

BSG + Boys - Angst = Hella good times.