Monday, 19 May 2008

Don't wake me, I plan on sleeping in

I love long weekends. It's a whole other weekend night that isn't normally there! 50% more weekend, people! Such things need to be taken advantage of.

As a result, I had high hopes for this weekend. I think it ended up being a pretty good one, although a little smaller scale than I had imagined.

Plan: Party!
It's been a while since I've been to a party, so I was hoping something would happen with my friends at some point this weekend. I feel like I haven't seen anyone outside of school in ages. Which is, in fact, true. There wasn't any party with the people I had imagined, but some old friends who had graduated last year ended up having a pretty decent party that I stopped by for a couple hours. I was impressed with the people I wanted to see vs people I don't want to see ratio of that party. There are a few people with whom I have beef who could easily have been at that party, but luckily, no such luck for them. Ha. We played Super Smash Bros, so you know it was a cool party.

Plan: Homework like MAD.
This plan got off to a good start. On Friday afternoon when I got home, it was gorgeous outside, so I grabbed a cozy blanket and my reading homework (Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez) and went to sit on the porch. This book is 120 pages long, a novella, if you will. At 60 pages, I thought about going inside and taking a break. Marquez is not my favourite author at all, and though this novella is not magical realism-y, which I don't enjoy, I still don't like Marquez that much. I realized that if I stopped reading, I would never finish the thing, and it'd be Monday night and I'd be madly reading at all hours. So I stayed where I was and ploughed through the thing. AND I DESTROYED IT! Feel my wrath, CoaDF! Take that Marquez! Finished with you and it's only Friday afternoon!

My work ethic slowed to nothing after that. Saturday all I did was read a few pages of my lit studies book, and ignored my two projects due Tuesday/Wednesday. So. Those are for today then. Any minute. It will happen.

Plan: Find prom shoes
And find shoes I did! At work, which means not only were they consignment and therefore way less expensive, I got my discount on them. This means that my entire prom outfit is consignment. I think I win on this one.

Plan: See Lorien
Lorien, yes, this was an official plan for this weekend. As Lorien has pointed out to me of late, I have been neglecting her. I'm very sorry. We had a fun night on Friday watching movies in my room and catching up, and then I saw her at the party the next night. Perfect!

So, all in all, pretty good weekend. But now... so much work... Enjoy your day off everyone. I got to get to work.

I realized I never put in the * from last post. So I will now. Basically what happened last week was that I was at work, wearing a fab new dress I got in Halifax that goes all the way to the ground and it's jersey and comfy and double layered for minimal sticking to bumpy bits. It's basically the most perfect dress ever. I was helping a woman at the cash, folding her clothes and leaning over to remove security tags, when she says in a kind, polite voice "So, when's your baby due?"
Nice. Thanks lady. I think I sputtered something like "oh! I'm not pregnant. Hahahahaha...". I've decided that if it ever happen again, I'll give a due date and then make the person feel awkward for even asking by going on about the struggles and judgement of being a teenage mother. I might talk about my two other crack babies. That'll teach 'em.

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Lorien said...

Aww, I heart you! *is happy she was included in post* Our hanging out quotient is still not filled, however. Erika requires a good old times-like hanging out night of debauchery soon!