Friday, 16 May 2008

Yesterday, I was having a body-hate day. It might have been the comments from a customer last weekend* or just that I was having a down day, but it was just not much fun. So instead of sitting on my ass and whining about it, I did something about it. Armed with my ipod and Q podcasts as well as a water bottle, I got up and walked out the door.

I never go for walks. I spend a lot of time sitting inside. I'm kind of a homebody a lot. But yesterday it felt really good to get out and just walk, like I never do but really should more. Especially right now, because all the lilacs are out everywhere and the scent is intoxicating. Lilacs will always make me think of home.

I ended up walking down to the locks and then through the arboretum, a pretty long walk. Two podcasts worth! It was lovely. I love the canal.

Currently, I'm listening to Sam Roberts play music from his brand! new! CD! on Q and I'm listening. And smelling the lilacs through the open window behind my computer. I'm also deciding if I should tag myself along for some friday night plans or maybe stay at home and curl up with my reading assignment for the weekend. Hmm... pretty tempting.

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